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Just an average day here at Sherpaa...

My OBGYN is having trouble getting my prescription approved. I've been on my OCP (oral contraceptive pills) for 8 years, and my insurance company says they don't cover it.

[…] There's a number that the pharmacy usually has to call to get prior authorization for coverage for medications. I can't get through to your insurance company or the pharmacy at this time.

[…] I got prior authorization for a 90-day prescription of your OCP. I called Duane Reade, and you're good to go. You can go ahead and pick them up. I changed it to a 90 day supply with three refills. There will be a $0 copay. Your OB's office tried for prior authorization yesterday, but they didn't have information about your medication history. Btw, I have a 100% batting average for getting prior authorizations. Have a great vacation.

Jay Parkinson sees this as a demonstration of the strength of his new company Sherpaa, but to me this is a perfect demonstration of just how dysfunction American healthcare is, and it makes me mad and sick to my stomach at the same time to think about the hundreds of millions of people that have to suffer this. In Canada or Australia, there is no need for a company like Sherpaa. This isn't a demonstration of good healthcare, or good medicine, it's a demonstration of using experience in healthcare bureaucracy to battle bureaucrats at their own game.


Just an average day here at Sherpaa...